Sometimes inspiration strikes in the most unlikely places and at the most in-opportune times.  It's always great to have a Microphone and some light recording stuff around for these moments.  This song was recorded in a dusty old Motel in Merrit BC after a tough day on the road.  Take a listen!


We are getting extremely pumped up for the BIG festival coming at the end of the month. We are partnering with Brewsters to get our very own custom SAVK Brew! Come down and have a sip, or even a gulp!

We are all moved into a new space to write and create and we are putting the final touches on a couple of new songs that will show a new side to SAVK.  We are pumped to get into the studio soon and are thinking about releasing a single with a "b" side, hopefully before Christmas.  In the meantime, we will be playing shows here and there as well!  Love-Steve

Springtime is the best isn't it?  Especially in Canada.  The birds come back, flowers begin to grow again, I get some much needed Vitamin D and pigment on my translucently white skin.  But even better then this, is the advent of Festival Season!.  Sure... playing shows in musty bars for bundled patrons is nice and romantic, and every Canadian band knows the wonder of leaving the hot and sweaty stage to cool off out back of the club in -20 weather...  but I digress....Playing outside,  feeling the breeze,  getting to wear sunglasses on stage non-ironically...  this is the best best best.  We are so happy to begin announcing our summer festival season, starting with our addition to the amazing lineup at this years Calgary Folk Music Festival!  Get your tickets now!

We are beginning to unveil our spring and summer concert plans but are still looking to fill some dates in Western Canada.  If you have a festival or event you would like SAVK to perform at, send us a quick note!   

Ya I know.  We haven't been here for awhile.  We are writing new songs ok?  When we are writing we become reclusive hermits.  We are coming up with some new sounds and new ideas... cause God know we can't just keep making the same noise or nobody will like us anymore.  So, stay tuned, keep listening to the oldies and we will have some fun new stuff very very soon!  <3 SAVK


There is something so awesome about being a loser. In other news, SAVK is soooooo happy to be writing again and doing what we do best... being US!  "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken" -Oscar Wilde.

We are kinda laying low, playing a couple of locals shows here and there, but really just re-grouping and getting to know the process again.  We are starting to write some very different stuff from what we've done before and we are super excited to show it off one song at a time... so make sure you come to our little local tester shows if you around Calgary AB in the next couple of months! 

<3 Steve

Last night was insane in the coolest little punk rock club in Canada.  The Republik is a long time stronghold in rockdom in Calgary Alberta Canada and we really got to feel the love last night.  We played our showcase with our firends "The Royal Foundry" and "Scenic Route to Alaska" and the night went swimmingly!  Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us.  We love you with all our hearts!  NOW, come out to Wine-ohs tomorrow and lets do it again, but this time for a good cause!  All proceeds from tomorrows show go to the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation!  

This is it.  2 more days until our showcase.  If you are reading this right now, I want to extend you a special invite to you and your friends to see us FOR FREE at the Republik on Thursday Sept 25th.  Seriously!  Click on the contact us link, tell me your names and the names of your friends, and I will put you on the guestlist!  No Joke!  We wanna fill this bar up with the coolest people we possibly can!  See our FB event for details on the show!  <3 SAVK

Lethbridge.  What a town.  Last night was nuts in the better L.A.... we landed in town, dropped our junk at the club and hit the streets to see what was going on.  Despite the cold we got to catch our Edmonton friends "Shout Out Out Out" keeping people warm at the main stage.  Shortly after we got to have a drink with a couple of the boys from Vancouver's best-band-hands-down-do-you-wanna-fight-about-it War Baby. (BFFs from when we were but young children making hardcore music in the late 90s) and then we finally got to do our big show at the Owl.  Despite what we can only imagine was a music weary audience by the end of the night, we had a great show and made lots of new friends.  To all bands coming through Lethbridge, check out the Owl and ask for Steve Foord.  He is a dying breed of indie promoters that really take care of the groups.  We love you Lethbridge!  See you in December with Windigo and The Ashley Hundred!

The Peak Performance Project really beat the hell out of us and its been a long week of catching up for us in SAVK.  We are so excited to apply all the tricks of the trade to our little band and get working again!  See you Lethbridge on Saturday!

Holy smoke. Day 4 in lovely Princeton, and we are really starting to live up to our golden oldie song "The Red Eye". We learned all about how we are totally doing SOCAN wrong... And what we can do to fix it... We learned more about FACTOR, and best of all we learned that singing Alanis Morrisette with a load of shirtless karaoke singers can be a very magical and cathartic moment. I can't believe we are already halfway through the week... Can't wait to see what's next. <3 SAVK. 

OK.... time for some updates!
We are about halfway through the recording and things are sounding amazing! We can't wait to show you how things are sounding!

We are playing a show on April 14th with Pickwick and Jordan Klassen, and we are playing with Raleigh and Snowblink on April 25th (all the while we will be recording at the same time!).

Both of these shows will be your chance to hear these songs before they get recorded forever!

Bed Tracks for "Love Letters and Hate Mail" are DONE!!

SAVK has a new killer line up with some serious rock veterans!  

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