Lethbridge.  What a town.  Last night was nuts in the better L.A.... we landed in town, dropped our junk at the club and hit the streets to see what was going on.  Despite the cold we got to catch our Edmonton friends "Shout Out Out Out" keeping people warm at the main stage.  Shortly after we got to have a drink with a couple of the boys from Vancouver's best-band-hands-down-do-you-wanna-fight-about-it War Baby. (BFFs from when we were but young children making hardcore music in the late 90s) and then we finally got to do our big show at the Owl.  Despite what we can only imagine was a music weary audience by the end of the night, we had a great show and made lots of new friends.  To all bands coming through Lethbridge, check out the Owl and ask for Steve Foord.  He is a dying breed of indie promoters that really take care of the groups.  We love you Lethbridge!  See you in December with Windigo and The Ashley Hundred!